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The 2 Key Benefits of Vegan and Natural Products

If you have browsed our website, you will notice that our candles are vegan, eco-friendly, and made from natural ingredients. So why are we so passionate about this? Why do we only supply candles that are vegan and use natural ingredients?

Here are the two main ones:

  1. What you burn, you also inhale.
  2. As a business, we have a responsibility to protect the environment.

What You Burn, You Inhale

I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog where I talked about our ‘Burn and Bloom’ Collection. I suffer from severe asthma and love using candles in my home but found that traditional candles made my condition worse. This led me to passionately want to provide an alternative and Elegant Infusions was born.

Studies have shown that scented candles can affect indoor air quality. Most candles are made with paraffin, a petroleum byproduct that releases toxins like benzene and toluene when burned. So why does it matter what chemicals are released from our candles? Because you are inhaling these products.

For people with asthma, COPD, or other lung conditions, paraffin candles can irritate the lungs and cause serious issues. Even those with healthy lungs are not immune, as these chemicals can affect the respiratory system and potentially lead to heart disease.

For those who suffer from any lung condition, burning a scented candle containing paraffin can exacerbate their symptoms. This realisation was the initial reason for starting Elegant Infusions. I wanted to find beautifully scented products that make homes smell wonderful without affecting our breathing or polluting indoor air.

Through my research, I discovered that the best candles use natural ingredients instead of paraffin. Our candles use natural waxes such as coconut and rapeseed oil. Coconut oil burns cleanly without soot or smoke, doesn’t irritate the lungs, and doesn’t pollute indoor air.

Environmental Responsibilities

The second reason for using only natural and vegan ingredients is our environmental responsibility. As a business owner, I believe we need to be conscientious and make every effort to help the environment. Our products are not only friendly to human lungs but also safe for pets! We ensure our products do not harm the environment.

The ingredients in our candles are sustainably sourced, including the rapeseed oil. Our candles are environmentally friendly and plastic-free. Additionally, we source all our products from the UK to reduce our carbon footprint.

Additional Benefits of Natural Candles

  1. Longer Burn Time: Natural candles, such as those made from coconut or soy wax, typically burn longer than paraffin candles. This means you can enjoy their pleasant aroma for extended periods.
  2. Better Scent Throw: Natural waxes often hold and release fragrance better than paraffin, providing a more consistent and pleasant scent throughout their burn time.
  3. Biodegradable: Natural waxes are biodegradable and non-toxic, which makes them a better choice for the environment.

Supporting a Healthier Lifestyle

By choosing natural and vegan candles, you are not only supporting a healthier environment but also contributing to a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family. Breathing cleaner air without harmful chemicals can improve overall well-being and reduce health risks associated with poor air quality.

Our Commitment at Elegant Infusions

At Elegant Infusions, we are committed to providing high-quality, sustainable products that enhance your living space without compromising your health or the environment. We believe in creating a better future, one candle at a time.

Our commitment to using vegan and natural ingredients in our candles stems from a deep-seated belief in promoting health and environmental sustainability. We hope this inspires you to make conscious choices that benefit both you and the planet.

For more information on our products and their benefits, please explore our website or reach out to us with any questions.

Thank you for supporting our mission!

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