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The Candle Brand

A little about Candle Brand – Modern. Handcrafted. Refined. Established in 2018, they are a family run business set in the heart of the Norfolk Countryside. The Husband-and-Wife team, are specialists in unique home fragrance products such as Botanical Wax Melts, Flower Diffusers and Wood Wick Candles. After years of passion and dedication The Candle Brand have formulated fragrance products that are safer to burn and diffuse without failure to perform. All products are handmade and hand poured using the highest quality raw ingredients. Their oils are handpicked and chosen to be safer to burn whilst pregnant and around children and pets As someone who suffers with Asthma and COPD, they are great for me and this is another reason why I wanted to be a stockist. They also make conscious decisions about every part of the business – from the materials they work with, to the Eco-friendly packaging they use. We use Paraffin free candles because they are a healthier and eco-friendly alternative to traditional candles.

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